6 Ways to Show Your Partner Appreciation In A Long-Term Relationship

by Stephanie Brown | November 15, 2018

At the start of a relationship, it is easy to appreciate the little things that your partner does because they catch you by surprise. But as the months and years go by, having them around 24/7 becomes routine and the sweet things that they do start to feel expected

Foot rubs and late night dinner runs might seem less special over time. But it's important to show your partner just how grateful you are to have them in your life.

So how can you show your partner you care?

While grand gestures take all the attention on social media, small and simple acts of kindness matters just as much! They're easy to incorporate into your everyday life and is the perfect way to remind your partner how much you appreciate them.

Remember, it is important to recognize your partner’s thoughtfulness. These 6 simple acts will add up over time and reinvigorate your relationship long after the honeymoon phase has ended.

Wake up Calls

Nobody likes waking up in the morning.

But waking up to your partner’s voice is much nicer than waking up to a generic and annoying alarm.

So, give your partner a wake-up call and your voice will be the first thing they hear in the morning. And this simple romantic gesture will remind them how much you care.

Spontaneous Gestures

Small gestures are sometimes the best way to express your love, especially when they least expect it.

Pick up your partner’s favorite ice-cream flavor at the store. Or, show up at their workplace at the end of the day. These gestures are a subtle way to show that they're always in your heart.

Couple’s jewelry is another sweet way to show your love. Surprise your partner with a pair of matching bracelets or necklaces. By choosing couple’s jewelry, you will feel connected anytime you both wear the pieces.

Handwritten Notes

With texting, emails, and Snapchat, most people don’t take the time to write a handwritten note.

But, writing a short note or letter for your partner is a simple yet romantic gesture. This shows that you took the time to sit down and think about what you want to say to them.

Leave a handwritten note around their apartment, slip it in her purse, or attach it to their lunch.

These could be full-blown love-letters or simple post-it-notes that say “you are my person.” Either way, handwritten notes are the perfect way to express your appreciation and make them feel loved.

Order Delivery

When your partner is sick or has a long day, order delivery from their favorite restaurant to their home or office.

This is one of those gestures that could be easily taken for granted. But this is a thoughtful way to show you are thinking of your partner, especially when they are not feeling 100%.

They will definitely appreciate the pick-me-up and feel happy to have found someone that knows them well enough to know which restaurant to order from.

Make Their Life Easier

Everyone has a task they hate doing. And your partner is no exception.

Your partner may hate washing dishes, doing laundry, or going out to buy groceries. So, show your love by giving them a hand every once in a while.

This simple gesture shows that you are part of your partner’s everyday life. By making their life a little easier, especially when they already have a lot on their plate, you are showing that you truly care for them and that you're in this together.

Say “Thank You”

This may seem simple, but saying “thank you” is powerful.

Make sure your partner knows that you appreciate them. Sure, you can (and should) do the simple acts mentioned above. But don’t forget to tell them how thankful you are and how important they are to you.

It's all too easy to get caught up in our lives and forget that the little things matter. Next time your partner does something you normally take for granted, thank them for being considerate.

And besides thanking them for these acts, thank them for just being them. Expressing your gratitude will make them feel appreciated and in turn, build a stronger and more positive relationship.

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