Matching Couple Looks are the New PDA

by Stephanie Brown | October 30, 2018

In America, you can expect to see couples matching at Halloween parties. American couples love this excuse to dress up in coordinating outfits.

But what if you didn’t need an excuse?

In many Asian countries, couples wear matching outfits and accessories on a daily basis. South Koreans, Chinese, and Japenese couples especially follow this romantic trend. Scroll #couplelook on Instagram to see for yourself.

Matching couple items are a way for these partners to express their love and show off their relationship. Perhaps it's time to bring this sweet trend to Western countries!

Showing Off With Streetwear

For many couples in Asia, matching outfits are a daily look. This goes beyond Halloween costumes. And it's much more than coordinating Prom styles.

This trend started in the early 90s as Asian TV-stars began coordinating outfits with their significant others. 

In South Korea, this style is known as the Keo-Peul-Look. At first, this style was reserved for honeymooners. But before long, non-married couples began following the trend.

Chinese couples who follow the qing lü zhuang trend like to match every piece of their outfit. It’s not uncommon for Chinese couples to dress in identical outfits to display their affection for each other.

This phenomenon is not reserved for special occasions. It’s an everyday style. When you're walking down the streets of Seoul, you can expect to see couples wearing casual streetwear in matching patterns or color schemes.

Couples who follow this trend use it to emphasize their relationship status. They are proud and want to show off their love. Just like rings for married couples, this “couple-style” trend sends a direct message: “we are happily in love.”

Fashion as PDA

Young Asian couples love to celebrate love. In South Korea, young couples celebrate every 100 days of their relationship!

But even if love is in the air, it is rare to see Asian couples express their feelings through PDA. Many Asian cultures discourage public displays of affection. In certain Asian countries, you won’t see couples holding hands, hugging, or kissing in public.

So it’s no surprise that the “couples-look” trend is flourishing in Asia. Fashion is a fun way for couples to display their strong relationship. By coordinating their outfits, young couples feel closer and symbolize their deep love (without needing to use PDA).

But this trend isn’t just reserved for young lovers. All ages celebrate their love in Asia. Bon and Pon, a Japanese couple in the 60s, became Insta-famous after sharing their “couple-style” posts online. This adorable couple coordinates their outfits daily to display their affection and prove that true love can last.

Start Subtle

So, are you ready to show off your relationship to the world?

The “couple-style” look can be subtle or obvious. Some couples decide to match head-to-toe. Others choose to coordinate the colors of their outfit or with matching accessories.

Staring subtly is the perfect way to break into this trend. Couples jewelry and other accessories are a sweet and simple way to start. You and your partner can wear couples bracelets or necklaces. Consider engraving these with a personalized message that is unique to your relationship. When you wear your matching jewelry, you will feel an extra connection with your partner and feel a sense of closeness even when you're apart.

But who knows, coordinating jewelry might be your gateway into this trending style. Soon enough, you and your significant other could coordinate entire outfits.

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